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Model field gun, 19th Century

An Indian Pesh Kabz with Stone Hilt, 18th Century

A Banza Throwing Knife

A Carved Walrus Ivory Hilt Persian Jambiya

A Caucasian Bone and Silver Kindjal

A Caucasian Kindjal

A Caucasian Silver Kindjal

A Classic Form Arab Jambiya

A Cossack Silver Kindjal

A Fang/Kota Bird's Head Knife

A Fine and Scarce Moghul Period Indian Khanjar

A Fine Indian Dhal

A Good Indian Stone Hilt Khanjar

A Good Turkish Jambiya

A High Quality Ceylonese Kastane

A High Quality Nepalese Kukri

A Hindu Six Piece Ivory Grip Khanjarli From Vizianagram

A Large Horn and Silver Morrocan Jambiya

A Massive Turkish Jambiya

A Miniature Suit of Armor

A Moghul Period Jade Hilt Nobleman's Khanjar

A New Orleans Civil War Related Colt Revolver

A Nobleman's Jade Khanjar

A Nobleman's Silver 63 Caliber Miguelet Pistol

A Persian Kulah Khud

A Persian Nobleman's Massive Silver Sheathed Kindjal (Qama) with Walrus Hilt

A Rare Banda Currency Blade

A Rare Indian Rock Crystal Ram's Head Dagger

A Rare Peacock Kulah Khud

A Rare Persian Bowie Knife

A Rare RAD Leader's Dagger, Germany

A Rare Royal Status Symbol Ivory and Copper Axe

A Russian Kindjal

A Silver Mounted Malay Bade Bade of Good Quality

A Silver Mounted Malayan Bade Bade

A Sumatran Kris

A Syrian Jambiya

A Tibetan Silver Mounted Dagger of Superior Quality

A Turkish Silver Inlaid Flintlock Holster Pistol

A Very Good Quality Persian Qama

A Very Rare Moghul Period Rock Crystal Kard

A Victorian Silverplated Copy of a 17th Century Italian Partizan Head

A Wahabite Jambiya

A Wahabite Jambiya

A Yemeni All Silver Jambiya

A Yemeni Silver Mounted Jambiya

An Albanian Jambiya with Walrus Ivory Hilt

An All Steel Twin Blade Bichwa

An Arab Jambiya

An Arab Noble's Jambiya

An Arabian Presentation Jambiya

An Elegant Omani Jambiya

An Elegant Persian Kard with Hardstone Hilt

An Exceptional Turkish Jambiya

An Indian All Steel Mechanical "Scissors" Katar

An Indian All-Steel and Gold Damascened Jambiya

An Indian Ivory, Jade and Coral Katar

An Indian Katar of Unusual Form

An Indian Pesh Kabz with Serpentine Hilt

An Indo-Persian Khanjar with Bird's Head Koftgari and Steel Hilt

An Indo-Persian Pesh Kabz

An Indo-Turkish Moghul Style Jamibya

A Turkish Army Issue Jambiya
 343 Royal Street, New Orleans, LA. 70130 Tel: 504.524.9766